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    Discover how to apply for various certificates and licenses including dog licenses, marriage, birth, and death certificates, and more.

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    Information on how to make public records requests and who to talk to for various specific records.

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    View agendas, minutes, ordinances and other reports from the City Council.

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    The City Clerk is the election administrator for the City of Fitchburg.

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City Census

Households with registered Fitchburg voters and/or persons already listed as Fitchburg residents will receive an annual city census form in January.  To maintain your name on the active voting list and provide proof of residency for the current year be sure to complete the form, sign it and return to the City Clerk within ten days of receipt.

2017 Dog Licensing

Residents please note that all dogs must be licensed every year.  2016 dog licenses will expire on March 31, 2017.  There is a grace period until May 1, 2017. 

Owners of dogs not re-licensed by May 1 will be fined $15 plus the cost of the annual license fee(s) not paid.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required in order to license your dog.  A reminder and option to license by mail is sent with the annual city census form.

Read the City Ordinance Online regarding dogs: providing proper care, leashing, licensing, cleaning up after etc.