Annual City Census

Households with registered Fitchburg voters and/or persons already listed as Fitchburg residents will receive an annual city census form in January.  To maintain your name on the active voting list and provide proof of residency for the current year be sure to complete the form, sign it and return to the City Clerk within ten days of receipt.

Households with registered Fitchburg voters and/or persons already listed as residents in Fitchburg will automatically receive a census form each year in January or February. 

Moved or Failure to Receive Census

If you have recently moved to the City and/or did not receive a census form please contact this office at 978 829-1820 to request that one be mailed to you.  Responding to the annual city census maintains your active voter registration and/or residency status.

2024 City Census

The City of Fitchburg Office of the City Clerk has begun the 2024 City Census.  The census form will be mailed out along with a return envelope.  Below you will find instructions on how to complete the census.  Thank you for your co-operation. 

General Instructions

Please verify and/or complete all information listed on the form. List all family or household members including infants and young children whose legal address is the same. Include any member of the family in the Military Service, away at school or confined to a Nursing Home whose legal address is the same. Make all changes in a blank box underneath the existing data. If a new member has been added to the household, enter on any blank line below the rest of the household.

Cross off any resident no longer residing at this address and list his/her new address. The front of this form MUST be signed by person completing the form. To return the form, fold the form and insert it into the return envelope provided and mail.

Due to privacy laws the City is unable to print minor's information. Please include minors living in your household year to year

Special Instructions

Return immediately to the City Clerk’s Office. Compliance with this State requirement, provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veteran’s bonus, housing for the elderly and related benefits. This form does not register you as a voter. If there is nothing marked in the box labeled PARTY you are NOT a registered voter. If you are a registered voter, failure to respond to this annual listing may result in the voter’s name being removed from the voter’s list.

Descriptions of Fields

Below you will find a list of fields that you will find on the census and what they mean.  The "Mail To" and "Telephone" fields are optional.

  • Party- enrollment or designation Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, unenrolled(formerly Independent). Political Designation
  • Name - print or verify the name of each individual in the household.
  •  Mail To- please indicate if individual is considered Head of Household.
  •  Previous Address - please list if at this address for less than 12 months.
  •  Date of Birth - enter the Month, Day and full 4-digit Year of birth.
  • Occupation - enter occupation, not place of employment.
  • Nationally - enter only if not a US Citizen.
  • Moved/Deceased - if individual has moved or is deceased, please indicate with a 'M' or 'D'
  • US Veteran - if Veteran answer YES = Y or NO = N.
  •  Number of Dogs - number of dogs licensed to this individual.
  •   Public Safety - please check if you are a Public Safety Employee who lives and works in the City of Fitchburg.