Agricultural Commission

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Current Commissioners

  • Evan Halstead, Chair
  • Jen Barlow
  • Yonna Coon
  • James K. Momanyi
  • Ingrid Wheeler
  • Janet Morrison, Advisor


The Agricultural Commission’s purpose is to represent the farming community, encourage the pursuit of agriculture, promote agricultural economic development and protect farmlands and farm businesses, and preserve, revitalize and sustain agricultural businesses and land. The Commission shall further exercise all powers and responsibilities granted by Chapter 3 Article 36 of the City Code.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8L, the Agricultural Commission has the authority to “(b)(i) buy, hold, manage, license or lease land for agricultural purposes; … (vi) receive grants, gifts, bequests or devises of money or personal property of any nature and interests in real property in accordance with this section; (vii) apply for, receive, expend and act on behalf of the municipality in connection with federal and state grants or programs or private grants related to local agriculture, with the approval of the mayor…”


The Commission is comprised of five volunteer commissioners and two associate members who shall be substantially engaged in either the pursuit of agriculture or forestry or supporters of agriculture and shall either be residents of Fitchburg or owners and farmers of agriculture or forestry with the City.

Commissioners are appointed for a three year term by the Mayor and are subject to City Council approval.

Current Information

Please see our brochure for our Mission, Goals, and Current Projects.