Payroll & Benefits

Pic OCH 2The Payroll and Benefits office generates the biweekly payroll for all city employees, including the School Department, and manages the various benefit programs offered by the city.

Questions on your payroll? City employees, please contact City Hall payroll office. School employees, please contact payroll at Central Office (978)345-3214.

Regarding benefit rates, all City employees should refer to the 24 pay period rates. The 20 pay period rates are designed only for some school employees. If you are not sure which rates apply to you, please contact our office for more information.

The City of Fitchburg pays health, dental, and vision benefit premiums one month in advance. For example, deductions taken from your pay check in December, pays for January insurance. When you are newly enrolled in our benefits, we have you pay a catchup amount. So, your first two pay checks will have the monthly deductions taken and then it will return back to the bi-weekly amount. If an employee separates employment for any reason, they are covered for an additional 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll/Benefits office located at City Hall.