Legal Department

The Legal Department is headed by the City Solicitor, who is the chief Pic OCH 2legal officer of the City of Fitchburg.  The Legal Department consists of two experienced attorneys, a legal assistant, and other outside attorneys who occasionally represent the City under the direction of the City Solicitor.

The Legal Department represents and protects the interests of the City of Fitchburg by providing accurate and timely legal advice to all elected and appointed officials, multiple-member bodies and agencies of the City, to ensure that municipal decisions are made in conformance by appropriate legal authority. Advice can pertain to but is not limited to land use and zoning issues, ordinance preparation, deed preparation, employment law, civil rights, civil service, contract actions, real estate, and workers’ compensation. In addition to preparing ordinances and other legal documents, numerous verbal and written opinions are rendered to the City Council and Department Heads.

The Legal Department is responsible for commencing and prosecuting all actions and other legal proceedings and suits begun by the city, and defending all actions and suits brought against the city in any court or other tribunal of the Commonwealth or of the United States.

The Legal Department does not advise residents or private citizens on legal matters. Residents should seek assistance through legal aid or a private lawyer.