Biddy League Youth Basketball

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    Revised playoff schedules for Biddy League Elementary and Middle Divisions are available online now, as well as makeup game schedules for the PeeWee Division. Visit us online at for info. Biddy League
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Biddy League Playoff Game Schedules

Schedules Revised Monday, March 13, 2018

League standings

  1. Elementary Division
  2. Middle Division
Team Standings
Fitchburg Firefighters 6-1
Beaulac Brothers 6-1
Eastwood Club 5-2
Montouri's Oil 2-5
Dr. Yamin 1-6
JBM Silkscreen 1-6

Elementary Standings Last Updated Feb. 27, 2018 / Middle Standings Updated Feb. 1, 2018

Practice Schedule
PEEWEE Division Practices are during the game time on the schedule above!

Elementary Division & Middle Division Practices:

practice schedule 2018