Heritage Park Flag Policy

Decided by the Board of Park Commissioners on December 6, 1976 and amended on May 3, 2022 the Board of Park Commissioners have set the following policy regarding the Flag of Nations park at Heritage Park to be overseen by the Recreation Department:
Heritage Park
“Heritage Park Flags – It was agreed to fly all flags in Heritage Park on legal holidays when flags are flown on Main Street. Further it was agreed to research the date of the various ethnic national days and fly the American Flag and appropriate national flags on individual national days….If additional flags are donated, in excess of the number of flag poles, national flags will be flown in in the order in which they are received in a rotation system.”

As such the Recreation Department is seeking the donation of National Flags from any ethnic background that is present in Fitchburg. The Flag Park has 30 Poles. One pole is designated for the United States Flag annually. The additional 29 poles are designated for National Flags that may be donated to the City. Any poles in excess of those flags donated by residents will fly an American Flag.

Questions regarding the National Flags or how to donate a flag should be directed to the Fitchburg Recreation Department.