Wi-Fi Hotspots

FPL Hotspots

The Library has portable Wi-Fi hotspots, or wireless access points, available for any MA resident with a CW MARS library card in good standing to borrow.

These Wi-Fi hotspots circulate for two weeks, and cannot be renewed. Once a hotspot is returned, another one may be checked out after 24 hours. They are available on a first-come, first-served, basis at the Reference desk.

About Hotspots

These Wi-Fi hotspots connect to the T-Mobile network and can be used with laptops, tablets, phones, portable games or other devices that access the Internet through a wireless connection.  They provide unlimited, high speed data throughput when connected to the T-Mobile cellular data network.

With the hotspots patrons can stream video to their devices without using their data plan, or can take a hotspot and their wireless devices on vacation and have fast, unlimited data as long as a T-Mobile cellular network is available.  As many as fifteen devices can be connected at one time, so the whole family can enjoy Internet access away from your home Wi-Fi network.

The following policies apply when borrowing Wi-Fi Hotspots:


  • You must be a Massachusetts resident.
  • You must have an ADULT library card that is at least 2 months old and with no fines. You may not use a Temporary card.

Loan Rules and Duration

  • 2 week (14 day) loan – NO RENEWAL
  • Must be returned on or before its due date, and may not be checked out again for at least a 24 hour period.
  • No reservations, available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Information Desk.
  • Return to Fitchburg Information Desk ONLY, not in the Book Drop. A $10 fine will be assessed if the book drop is used.
  • Fines are $5 a day for each day the device is kept over the 2 week period. The device will be shut off after 2 days and you will be charged a $15 shutoff fee. If not returned, you will be responsible for the replacement fee of $115. 
  • Replacement costs: $5.00 for the users’ guide, $5.00 for the power plug, $5.00 for the power cord, $100 for the device, and a $10 service fee.

The library is not responsible for damage to any device connected to the Internet through the borrowed HotSpot, nor for any content received over the Internet. Tampering with library equipment, software or programming, including bypassing security functions, is prohibited.