Cardboard Sled Competition

Join us for the Cardboard Sled Competition at the Fitchburg Winter Festival on Saturday, February 1, 2020. The competition will be held at Coggshall Park. Registration and Check in will start at 1:30 PM.

Over the next few weeks young residents ages 7-11 are invited to construction a sled out of only cardboard, duct tape and paint. Prizes will be handed out for the top 3 fasted sleds (Weather Permitting) and the most creative sled!

Rules for Sled Construction

Participation is Free!  

Design Guidelines:

1. Only regular cardboard, duct tape and paint, markers & crayons can be used in construction of the cardboard sleds.

2. Sleds cannot be wrapped in plastic or shrink wrapped.

3. No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, rope or wire will be permitted on a sled.

Race Rules:

1. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear helmets. Bike helmets are OK. Costumes are welcomed! We also highly encourage boots, hats, snow pants, and gloves.

2. Push starts only. No running starts.

4. All sleds, parts, and participants must cross the finish line.


1. (Weather Permitting) Sleds will line up at the top of the Mt. Elam Hill and will be timed as participants sled down the hill towards mirror lake. Participants with the top 3 fastest time will receive prizes.

2. The judging for Most Creative Sled Design will occur before the competition, starting at 2:30 PM

3. Time Trials will begin at 3:30 PM and will run until every participant has had a chance to sled.