Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee

A Subcommittee of the Fitchburg Greenway Committee formed in 2016, comprised of Volunteers from our Community and Representatives of the City of Fitchburg. The Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee was formed to review all existing public trails in Fitchburg and explore potential extensions and new trails to form a visioning document.

The Fitchburg Trails Vision Plan 2020 - 2024 is now complete. The completed plan has been endorsed by Mayor Stephen DiNatale, the City Council, the Conservation Commission, the Planning Board, and the Board of Park Commissioners.


  1. Trails Vision Public Meeting Presentation: The Presentation from the Trails Vision Public Meeting on March 8, 2017
  2. Trails Vision Public Meeting Flyer: Announcement of March 8, 2017 Public Forum.
  3. Draft Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee Purpose and Goals: Draft purpose and goals of the Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee's efforts. Last revised: October 28, 2016
  4. Draft Outline for Fitchburg Trail Vision: Draft outline of the Trails Master Plan document.
  5. MRPC Fitchburg Trail Inventory Map: Fig. 4 from the Montachusett Regional Planning Commission's 2009 Trail Inventory.
  6. Letter of Support from Mayor Stephen L. DiNatale: Mayor Stephen L. DiNatale's letter of support for the Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee's efforts.
  7. Letter of Support from the Board of Park Commissioners: The Board of Park Commissioners letter of support for the Fitchburg Trails Vision Committee's efforts.
  8. Trails Vision Development Process: A presentation by Paul Funch in April, 2016 to the Fitchburg Greenway Committee advising on how to conduct a Trails Vision process.
  9. Draft Fitchburg Trails List: This is a draft list of current and future trails in the City of Fitchburg. This list is not comprehensive and is a work in progress. Last updated: March 3, 2017.
  10. Northern Drinking Water Supply Watershed Rules and Regulations: A Conservation Restriction permanently protects the watershed's important wildlife habitat resources and provides quality non-motorized
    outdoor recreational opportunities for the general public.
  11. Baker Family Forest Reserve: 205 acre forest located within Fitchburg's northern drinking water supply watershed