City Staff Resource Page

City Document NameDocument Description
Contract Compliance and Performance Procedures
Procedures for contract oversight on the department level
Contract Compliance and Performance Evaluation Form
Form to submit information at the close of any contract with regards to performance of the contract
Emergency Procedure Policy
Policies and procedures for emergency situations
Notice to Proceed
Form to advise party to proceed on a project
Performance Evaluation of Contracts
Form used to by City management to evaluate vendor/contractor performance on contracts
Procurement Manual
All policies, procedures, and internal information with regard to procurement for the City
Procurement Request Form
Form to submit a request and specifications for procurement over $10,000
Process for Sale of Real Property
Overview of the process for the City to sell real property
Sole Source Justification Letter
Form to submit a request for sole source purchase
Surplus Disposition Policy and ProceduresProcedures for disposition of property no longer needed or used
Surplus Disposition FormForm to submit a request to dispose of property no longer needed or used
Certificate of Tax Exemption
Official copy of the City's tax exempt certificate
Tax Form ST-5Tax exempt form to provide to vendors
Tax Form ST-5CTax exempt form to provide to vendors who will purchase items on the City's behalf

External Resources
Document Description
Inspector General's 30B ManualMunicipal guide to procurement of supplies and services
Inspector General's Design and Construction ManualMunicipal guide to procurement of design, construction, public works projects and modular building
Inspector General's Procurement Charts
Quick overview procurement charts
Inspector General's Guide to Writing Specifications
Guidance for drafting specifications
Prevailing Wage Statutes
List of statutes related to prevailing wage laws
Prevailing Wage Info for Awarding Authorities
Overview of prevailing wages for municipalities
Guide for Hiring an Owners Project Manager
Resource document for OPM projects (over $1.5 million)
Office of the Attorney General of MA
Website for the Attorney General 
Operational Services and CommBuys
Website to access CommBuys and general OSD information
MA Higher Education Consortium
MHEC site containing contract database
Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Website for DCAMM with general information and links
Debarment Information - DCAMM
Investigate debarments issued by DCAMM
Debarment Information - MassDOT
Investigate debarments issued by MassDOT
Debarment Information - Dept of Industrial Accidents
Investigate debarments issued by DIA
Debarment Information - Attorney General
Investigate debarments issued by AG Fair Labor Division