Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program

In 2019, the City of Fitchburg received a grant of $102,000 from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) under the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant Program to complete the MVP Planning process. The purpose of the MVP Planning process is to create a strategy to improve the City’s resilience to climate change by identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing actions to address them. The City completed the MVP Planning process in 2020, and is now eligible for future Action Grant funding through the MVP Grant Program and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Grant funding to address the vulnerabilities that were identified during the MVP Planning process.

As part of the MVP Planning process, the City of Fitchburg updated its Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) with an extended focus on climate resilience. The process to develop the HMP has included:

  • Convening a core team of municipal department heads who provided key input through meetings, online surveys, and interviews.
  • Engaging the public through a Community Resilience Building Workshop and interactive public meetings.
  • Conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment of historic hazards and the potential impact of climate change.
  • Reviewing progress on the previous hazard mitigation plan. 
  • Documenting the Town’s capacity to mitigate and respond to hazards. 
  • Developing an action and implementation strategy.

The HMP has been approved by FEMA and formally adopted by the City Council. Please use the links below to view the approval and acceptance documents from FEMA and the City Council, respectively, and the Draft Final version of the HMP. The Final version will be uploaded here once it is updated with dates of approval by FEMA and adoption by the City Council.