Police Department


20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420




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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Martineau, Ernest F. Chief of Police (978) 345-9656  

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420

Link: Police Department Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
McDermott, Timothy Lieutenant   978-345-9653  
Bellofatto, Christopher Det Sgt 978-516-9322  

Family Services Unit 

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420

978-343-4551 ext. 1265

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Police Roster 

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Martineau, Ernest F. Chief of Police (978) 345-9656  
Giannini, Steven D. Captain, Support Services (978) 345-9699  
Hess, Harry Captain    
LeMay, Matthew Captain, Records Access Officer 978-345-9646  
Garcia, Christopher Captain, Operations, Public Information Officer 978-345-9652  
Howe, Jeffrey J. Lieutenant - Community Policing 978-516-9367  
McDermott, Timothy M. Detective Lieutenant 978-345-9653  
Boudreau, Daniel Traffic Unit Supervisor 978-345-4355  
Leger, Thomas G. Sergeant    
Keenan, Ryan Lieutenant    
Siomos Jr., Kerry C. Sergeant    
Teague, Liana K. Sergeant    
Arciprete, James R. Detective    
Balaguer, Francisco Jr. Patrol Officer, Detective    
Bajana, Lucas Patrol Officer    
Bastien, Stephen D. Lieutenant    
Bellofatto, Christopher Detective Sergeant    
Bellofatto, Daniel K. Lieutenant    
Bourne, Keith C. School Resource Officer    
Chabot, Jude H. Patrol Officer - Traffic Unit    
Chandler, Michael R. Court Liaison, Report Review 978-345-9644  
Cronin, Stacy Patrol Officer    
Daigle, David R. Patrol Officer, Detective    
Darton, Douglas Patrol Officer, Evidence Tech    
Faucher, Michael Patrol Officer    
Figueroa, Jose A. Patrol Officer    
Friend, Timothy Patrol Officer    
Gordon, David M. Sergeant    
Hachey, Steven School Resource Officer    
Hertel, Shelbie M. Patrol Officer, Elder Services Liasion    
Hurley, Jeffrey L. Detective    
Huse, Robert C. Patrol Officer    
Kalinowski, Benjamin D. Training Officer    
Lambert, Joshua O. Patrol Officer, K9 Officer    
Lopez, Michael E. Sergeant    
McCall, James S. Sergeant    
Minichiello, Daniel Patrol Officer    
Polanco-Diaz, Mei-Ling Patrol Officer    
Phillips, Demetrice Police Officer    
Pennetti, Antonio F. Patrol Officer - School Resource Officer    
Pepple, Tabitha L. Patrol Officer, Detective    
Raboin, Robert J. Sergeant - Training Division 978-345-9658  
Robichaud, Tyler Patrol Officer    
Rouleau, Brian Records Bureau 978-345-9645  
Salas, Julienne Patrol Officer    
Sevigny, Michael J. Patrol Officer    
Sullivan, Derek Sergeant    
Tobin, Antwain Patrol Officer    
Walker, Shawn Patrol Officer    
Yang, Mike Lee Detective 978-516-9340  
Stacy, Kelton Police Officer    
Morcaldi, Joseph Custodian 978-345-9649  
Starkey, Robin F. Police Finance Admin (978) 345-9655  
Fritscher, Kristi Crime Analysis / Grant Research 978-345-9659  
Pickett, Todd Animal Control Officer   978-956-4082  
Gilmartin, Cheryl Records Clerk 978-345-4355 ext 1227  
Gilmartin, Cheryl Records Clerk 978-345-4355 ext 1227  
Guerrero, Raysa Civilian Advocate (978) 343-4551  
Dupuis, Selena Records Clerk 978-345-9643  
Santiago, Ismael Patrol Officer    
Gelinas, Brian Patrol Officer    
Banahan, Colin Patrol Officer    
Garcia, Nicholas Patrol officer    
Kreidler, Ryan Patrol Officer    
Ramos, Zareus Patrol Officer    
Ramos, Angelo Patrol Officer    
Tota, Alison Patrol Officer    
Bonilla Perez, Esteban Patrol Officer    
Burke, Shannon Patrol Officer    
Gilot, Anslo Patrol Officer    
George, Scott Patrol Officer    
Perez, Ashley Patrol Officer    
Rojas, Auria Patrol Officer    
McCue, Sean Patrol Officer    
Morcaldi, Travis Patrol Officer    
Gilbert, Rebecca Dispatch Supervisor    
St. Peter, Sarah Dispatcher    
Coddington, Nicholas Dispatcher    
Rivas, Florencia Dispatcher    
Christian, Lena Dispatcher    
Jorge, Nathan Dispatcher    
Coffey, Sara Dispatcher    
Aubin, Joseph Dispatcher    
Zazenski, Gary Dispatcher    
High, Joshua Dispatcher    

Animal Control 

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420



Link: ACO Facebook

8:00AM – 4:00PM 
ACO Todd Pickett 

After Hours Emergency:
Call Police Dispatch
at 978 345-4355

Violation of any of these ordinances can mean a Citation.

1st Violation:     $ 50.00
2nd Violation:    $100.00
3rd Violation:     $300.00

Should you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the Animal Control Officer at 978 956-4082

When a resident finds a Stray/lost Dog, please contact Animal Control Officer Todd Pickett as soon as possible. The lost/stray dog will be turned over Animal Control, unless temporary arrangements have been otherwise arranged. Lost / Stray dogs cannot be kept, and Animal Control will make arrangements to connect the lost animal with its owners. 

Records Division 

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420


Officer Mike Chandler

Phone: 978-345-9644

Records Manager
Officer Brian Rouleau

Phone: 978-345-9645

(Report requests, accident reports, etc) 

Cheryl Gilmartin & Selena Dupuis, Clerks 

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (may exclude holidays)

Phone: 978-345-9643

may be a fee associated with records request (cash or check only)


Captain Matthew LeMay

Technical Services Commander

(978) 345-9646


Should you have any problems locating public records from the police records division please contact the Records Access Officer. Thank you. 

Sex Offender Registration
Officer Brian Rouleau

Phone: 978-345-9645 

Alarm Notification
Robin Starkey

Phone: 978-345-9655

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Rouleau, Brian Records Manager 978-345-9645  

Traffic Division 

20 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420


Link: Police Department Page

Sergeant Daniel Boudreau
Traffic/CEU Supervisor
Fitchburg Police Department
20 Elm st Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 516-9369  EXT.1269